The most rewarding feeling to know you made a good decision. Under the guidance of certified personal trainer Kevin Dwayne, it’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Through a plurality of unique physical activities and adapted food intake, I can honestly attest for the first time in my four plus decades of living there’s a measurable difference in my physique.


Lamar Y.

Lauren H

Kevin is a knowledgeable trainer who is a motivating force in my workouts.  He spent time designing a program that was specific to my needs.  He understands when to adjust and when to push. I appreciate his experience, calm disposition and his support – he’s the kind of trainer who forms a strong bond with his clients. One of the best aspects about his work is that he is so dedicated to his own fitness!


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Shane H

Janet Houston

8 Weeks, Circuit Training

It has been a pleasure working with Kevin, he is completely dedicated to the livelihood and success of each of his clients. I have certainly been pushed to the limit to reach my goals. Kevin is an advocate for good health, good eating habits and consistent focus on you being your best self. My transformation journey was amazing and very fulfilling on which I’m continuously working on.

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