Who is

Kevin Dwayne

teacher, motivator, and
passionate fitness professional

Kevin is a graduate of one of the nation’s top 100 Universities and is described as inspirator, motivator, teacher, and personal empowerment guide of this generation. He earned his Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the University of Delaware, DE, and his Masters in Counseling/Psychology from Troy State University, AL, and his Fitness Certification from American Council on Exercise.
Kevin.Dwayne has countless years teaching, training, and empowering people of all ages. His postgraduate training and certifications in fitness, counseling, and business has earned him numerous awards for excellence in human and community service.
Also known as Coach Kev, he has a wide range of talents, including being a published Author, that have provided him a multitude of experiences in various arenas. After several years of working within the public and private sector, conducting workshops, speaking engagements, and educational training, in 2013 Coach Kev made a decision to dedicate his life to the empowerment of others in Health & Life Wellness. Now, a passionate fitness coach, motivator, IFBB Pro, and teacher, Kevin. Dwayne is determined to continue to help others become their very best through fitness, health, and life wellness!

Education & Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Med. Counseling & Psychology

University of Troy, AL


Personal, Group, and Virtual Training

Nutrition Coaching

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

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