Mind & Fit



Our mission is to partner with you to ignite the latent power within and use this dynamic energy to create the best version of you. We will accomplish this through utilizing practical action oriented methods which target your mind, body, and inner state thereby helping you to become a better you.

We at MFI are Committed to helping you create and live your best life. Our approach is to help you shift your perception of fitness and wellness by consciously using the power of the mind to remove unhealthy habits and move from excuses to execution. We will increase the Intensity of your workout, and help you put into practice new healthy thoughts and behaviors.

With consistent Discipline and targeted Action we will work to optimize your overall physical, mental, and inner health.

This is Inspiration in Motion!

K. Dwayne, is the founder of Mind & Fitness Inc, and owner of Mind & Fitness Training and Development Center. He is a graduate of one of the nation’s top 100 Universities and is described as a motivator, teacher, inspiration, and personal empowerment guide of this generation. He earned his Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the University of Delaware, DE, and his Masters in Counseling/Psychology from Troy State University, AL, and has extensive hours committed to doctoral studies. K. Dwayne has countless years teaching, training, and empowering people of all ages. His postgraduate training and certifications in fitness, counseling, and business has earned him numerous awards for excellence in human and community service.

K.Dwayne’s wide range of talents has provided him a multitude of experiences in various arenas. After several years of working within the public and private sector, conducting workshops, speaking engagements, and educational training; K. Dwayne made a decision to dedicate his life to educating and empowering others full time because of his passion for physical fitness and personal development. Pulling from his background in education and admiration of physical fitness, K. Dwayne knew that the two needed to be fused together to help others bring out the best in them physically and even more importantly mentally/emotionally.

Thus he had the vision to create Mind & Fitness Inc.

Now, a passionate fitness & wellness coach, health educator, speaker and still a teacher at heart, K. Dwayne is determined to help others become their very best through health, fitness, and life wellness. He knows that this is the ultimate purpose upon his life. His propensity to bring out the best in others is one of the unique gifts he possess and is part of his life’s purpose.