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  • Today is a great day to share some wellness wisdom with you as it is a day, we celebrate love! Happy Valentine’s Day all, be sure to express love in its many forms today.

    So, let me get to this week’s message on imagination. Do you recall being a little kid and playing with your toys and using your imagination to make your play time more exciting?

    There was something magical and powerful about that thing called imagination. It allowed you to create things that did not exist or allowed you to escape to a place outside your current reality. Yet, have you ever really thought about what imagination really is, and how powerful it can be?
    Imagination is defined as the action or process of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses. The images are invisible to the outside reality. Your imagination is a tool that creates mental/conceptual images or ideas of things that don’t exist in real time.

    Think about it, everything that man has created started with an image in the mind ‘aka’ the imagination. This image/concept/idea grew with inner concentration and outward actions that brought it forward to the visible reality.

    The questions I have for you today; Have you lost your imagination? Do you no longer use that creative power to push forward aspects of your life that you want? Where has your desire gone?

    Answering these questions can help you get on a path of discovering then hopefully action to getting back your child like imagination and use that tool/gift to bring your life to a level that you would be excited about as if you were a kid again!

    “When you employ your imagination properly, you see yourself doing a thing and you go ahead and do it.” – Claude Bristol

    Begin again to employ your imagination! It can be the preview of the coming attractions in your life if you use it as a tool and the gift it is.

    So today not only give off love but imagine and dream again, believe again, turn up your desire and act on all of that and allow your life to be big!


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