My goal has always been to empower others to become a better you! This better you require a healthy body, mind, and spirit, all of which are strengthened when you incorporate a consistent and integrated physical fitness program into your daily life. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, someone in their 20’s – 30”s or like me 40 and up, my training will help you reach your goals, see measurable results, and ultimately change your life!

As one who strives daily to live a full, happy, and fulfilling life I know it takes good and proper health to achieve. To reach and maintain good health and personal fitness goals one has to start with the thought, activate the will power, and take action! Add to that proper coaching and you will have a recipe for success!

The training I provide will be fun, challenging, safe, but intense. I will not only train you in proper form and techniques but also be a motivator that pushes you to your best while supporting you to stick with the program and achieve the results that you seek.

To learn more about my fitness services choose one that best fits your needs and click on the links below:

Personal Training Packages

30/40 Fit Club Group Training

Research shows that people who exercise and workout together are more likely to reach and accomplish their fitness goals. They are more likely to stay the course, and support each other in the process. Well, this intended specifically for groups of individuals who want to get fit with the help and support of each other! It was designed by the professional expertise of certified trainer, Coach Kev. The program is an integrated, functional, and challenging fitness training program, meeting 3 times per week. Coach Kev designed the training to help you achieve maximum results!

The 30/40 Program training is designed for those who want to get or stay fit and active. Lose a few pounds and build up their strength, while working to tone the muscles, and learning how to make necessary dietary changes. This is also perfect for someone who wants to learn better form to help improve their individual training time, and someone who likes the company, challenge, and push from others on the same fitness journey.

Program Highlights:

  • Access to Group Training Sessions (Average of 12 Per Month)
  • Sessions are designed to improve: Strength/Resistance, Endurance,
  • Balance & Flexibility Healthy Eating Habits Meal Guide
  • **Ask About Option to Purchase A Customize Plan**
  • Weekly Fitness Information: Email/Mobile Updates
  • Monthly Group Event**
  • Support, Motivation, Fun, Social Connections
  • EFT Monthly Pay Plan***
Membership Cost Per Month

I guarantee the following results:*

  • Weight Loss
  • Burn Fat
  • Improved Muscle Development
  • Greater Strength & Energy
  • More Lean& Toned Body “Look Better, Feel Great!”
  • Overall Improved Physical & Mental Wellness
  • Small Group Support and Motivation

Coach Kev’s Virtual Training Program

Coach Kev’s Virtual Training Program is offered to individuals who are not local or their schedule does to permit them to have face to face sessions.

The program offerings are similar to the regular in person sessions as it relates to working towards your fitness goals with professional coaching and a structured program.


5 Day Workout Split Per Week (Average of 20 Per Month)
Customized Meal Plan (Includes Necessary Macronutrient Breakdown)
Healthy Eating Meal Plan Guide
Customized Program for Your Specific Goals
Weekly Check In (Email & Text)

Bi-Weekly Virtual Check In (FaceTime or Another Mobile Phone APP)
Video Demonstration of More Complex Exercises (Others Via Mobile Exercise App)
Certified Professional Coaching, Support, and Motivation
EFT Monthly Pay Plan**

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Virtual Training