Lean Body Fit Group Training

Research shows that people who exercise and workout together are more likely to reach and accomplish their fitness goals. They are more likely to stay the course, and support each other in the process. This program is intended specifically for groups of individuals who want to get fit with the help and support of each other! It was designed by the professional expertise of certified trainer, K. Dwayne. The program is an integrated functional, and challenging indoor and outdoor fitness training program, meeting 3 times per week. K. Dwayne designed the training to help you achieve maximum results!

MFI Lean Body Fit Groups are intended for those who are looking to become more physically lean, fit, and healthy. The focus is to lose unwanted body fat (weight), leaner body, reduce midsection, increase muscle development and or definition. A person looking to get leaner is not someone who is looking to get “thin” the lean look is about reducing one’s body fat percentage to a level where muscle tone is enhanced, unwanted weight is lost, waist size is lowered, and midsection has a been tightened and or toned. Lean body development is achieved with a healthy balanced diet, and a great fitness program that provides High-Intensity Interval & Resistance Training.

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