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  • Wonderful Wellness Wednesday All!

    This week I wanted to share something that may help you think about your plans or lack thereof. What I’m speaking of is your plan for your life. Often, we may have general ideas about what we want out of life, things we wish to do and or accomplish, but that could be just as far as they go, general thoughts and ideas. Thoughts like these stay inside your head and may come to fruition, but without a real plan and action they usually stay as wishful ideals of what we want out of life. Years later this leaves the door open to having visits by the “Should of’s,” “Could of’s,” or “I wish I,” family.
    This is how one can get caught up into just going through life and not actually living life. What type of person are you? Are you one who plans or are you just an on the fly type person?

    Making plans and writing them down will more likely get you results versus just saying you’re going to do something. I’m sure you have found yourself planning for a vacation; from everything to the hotel, clothes you are taking, places you may eat, or maybe you are someone who likes planning social gatherings, and you put so much time and effort into it to making sure it is a great event. The question to consider now is do you plan for where you desire your life to be in the coming years as you do for other things? Or is it just wishful, I hope to get there, whimsical thinking?

    Leaving your life to just any blow of the wind takes the control out of your hands. We were created to be creators. This creative ability /energy allows you to live your life versus it living you if you use it to plan and use it well. Take a moment to imagine what you want your life to look like one year, two, or three years from now. Basically, take a trip to the future. Get a good clear picture of it. Once you have it, burn it into your deeper mind, and then jump back to the present. This is where the work begins!

    What’s the plan? It’s time to act and plan out how you are going to get Back to the Future! Without the plans that future time you visited will just remain as those thoughts in your mind and lead to a life of I should of.

    Take time today to start the planning process. Reclaim your time, think transformative, and then take Action!

    “A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Brain Tracy

    Until next time,

    Stay in Wellness