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  • Wonderful Wellness Wednesday All!

    This week I am writing to you about something called “Process.”

    Everyone directly and indirectly goes through the “process” of life. I define process as “a series of changes taking place in one’s life which stems from our thoughts, actions, and choices we make, as well as some circumstances beyond our control.” Going through the process of life is supposed to be forward moving, connecting one to a greater inner strength, thus affording one to operate and function on a higher level or vibration. How we handle life’s process directly correlates to how well our inner being has been developed and continues to be developed.

    The dictionary defines process as the following: “a continuous action or series of changes taking place in a definite manner, a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end, the action of going forward or on.”

    Process is not a short term set of experiences we have during our teen years. It is continuous as our life, because we are always on a forward path. Our human experience shows us, that process is not always easy. Being “processed” hurts at times, and we can become too focused on how it feels, which can cause one to get confused, stalled, or stuck in a place too long. It would server us better to redirect that energy away from our senses and use our untapped inner power to get past the sensations. These feelings are just our senses acting on high alert in an unbalanced state.

    I have and continue to go through life’s process. We all do! The intensity of the process we go through can be offset by how well our inner being/power has been developed. The inner power is not based on “religion,” It’s part of universe law that we are energy beings and there is a deeper energy (strength, power, spirit) with in all people. How we develop and use this power is what makes all the difference in life.

    Your life’s process can be something that builds you or it can be the thing the keeps you down. The difference will be in how you build and strengthen your inner-self. There are several methods once can use to begin to strengthen their inner being.

    The one method I will leave you with has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. The method is meditation. Meditation is mental exercises that includes focused breathing in a calm state for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. This is one true and tested way to build your inner strength. Thus, allowing you to go inward to find ways to solve or navigate through life’s process. Take some time to read up on mediation and begin to practice. It is a valuable tool to have to help you navigate through the Process of Life. Life should be lived well even in the midst of chaos. The more your inner being is centered and calm the better you can control your state of being versus it being controlled by all the outside forces.

    Until next time, Stay in Wellness.

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